VAB focuses on tracking inventory for 750ml bottles of bourbon, rye, and other whiskey. Inventory may include special orders (e.g. restaraunts), lottery winnings, etc. It is always advised to check ABC website for the most up to date inventory numbers. Product inventory is updated daily before stores open and towards end of the day. See the About page for more information. This is not a live inventory system.

ID Name Price
101052 Old Forester 150 Anniversary Bourbon Batch Proof HTF R LA $149.99
22042 Weller C.y.p.b. Bourbon HTF R SO $55.99
21605 E H Taylor Jr. Four Grain Bourbon HTF R LA $69.99
5824 Forager's Keep Orphan Barrel Single Malt Scotch HTF R $399.99
26412 Parker's Heritage Collection 14th Ed Heavy Char HTF R LA $119.99
22026 Weller 12 Year Wheated Bourbon NTS HTF R SO $40.99
612 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon HTF R LA $129.99
18374 Four Roses 2019 Limited Edition Small Batch HTF R $139.99
22170 Wild Turkey Master's Keep Cornerstone HTF R $174.99
100736 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2019 HTF R $129.99
21592 Colonel E. H. Taylor Warehouse C Bourbon HTF R LA $69.99
27505 High West Bourye Whiskey HTF R LA $79.99
27119 High West Yippee Ki-yay Whiskey HTF R LA $79.99
19978 O. F. C. Bourbon 1994 HTF R LA $2499.99
953956 Van Winkle Package Collection HTF R $1499.99
26617 Parker's Heritage Collection #13 Heavy Char Rye HTF R $149.99
26080 Abraham Bowman Release #21 Rum Finished Bourbon HTF R LA $69.99
27009 Catoctin Creek Rabble Rouser Rye HTF R LA $95.99
22044 Weller Full Proof HTF R SO $55.99
19878 Michters Limited Release 20 Year Bourbon NTS HTF R LA $1149.99
19879 Michters Limited Release 25 Year Bourbon HTF R LA $1499.99
22027 Weller 12 Year Wheated Bourbon 1L HTF R LA $39.99
25133 K O Distiller Reserve Bottled In Bond Rye Ltd. Ed. NTS HTF R SO $79.99
HTF Hard to Find - Under 150 stores
R Restricted - Lottery Item
LA Limited Availability
SO Store Only
NTS New SKU to ABC Site