High West OMG Silver Rye


OMG had a different meaning in the 1800's - Old MononGahela rye. OMG was considered world class, even earning a shout out in Melville's Moby Dick ("unspeakable old Monongahela") in 1851. OMG's dynasty grew even more after the Civil War destroyed nearly all transportation from Kentucky south. But Prohibition changed all this. The distilleries in Pennsylvania all went out of business and the industry there never recovered to the extent the bourbon distilleries in Kentucky did. Rye whiskey had faded away...until now. High West is proud to be part of bringing back a true American product. They have painstakingly researched the recipe for our OMG Pure Rye, made from 80% rye and 20% malted rye. 

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High West OMG Silver Rye
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