Balvenie 19 Edge Of Burnhead Wood


The Edge of Burnhead Wood joins the Balvenie Stories collection, a series of new whiskies from The Balvenie, each with a unique tale of people, innovation, and whisky-making. The Edge of Burnhead Wood celebrates the tale of The Balvenie craftsmen who experimented with the distillery’s natural resources and created the perfect marriage of fresh heather and barley. The expression is made from locally sourced ingredients found on the distillery grounds — barley malted at The Balvenie Maltings, water from the Robbie Dhu spring, and fresh heather from Burnhead Wood.

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ABC ID 4354
Category Scotch
MSRP $309.99
Proof 97.40
Last Seen Dec. 18, 2021, 12:40 p.m.
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Balvenie 19 Edge Of Burnhead Wood
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