Bare Knuckle Straight Bourbon Cask Strength


Bare Knuckle Straight Bourbon Whiskey Cask Strength is a high-proof whiskey produced by KO Distilling in Manassas, and bottled directly from the barrel, without dilution. It is made with 70% corn, 20% wheat, and 10% malted barley, all sourced from local Virginia farms. This whiskey is double-distilled, aged for at least 2 years in charred new American White Oak barrels, and carefully selected from an individual barrel, handpicked for its superior taste and quality. Bare Knuckle Straight Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel Cask Strength has notes of caramel corn, toffee, hints of vanilla, with cherry reminiscence of an Old-Fashioned cocktail. Its higher proof provides a warming, nutty and peanut forward finish.

Quantity 35
ABC ID 26899
Category Bourbon
MSRP $55.99
Proof 120.00
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Bare Knuckle Straight Bourbon Cask Strength
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