Makers Mark Private Select Barrel


Maker's Mark Private Select barrels are seasonally created using recipes developed by Virginia ABC. Flavor profiles are marked on bottles. Flavors include: Mocha Spice, brown sugar and butterscotch on the nose with layers of cinnamon, honey, vanilla, and fresh tobacco with a mouth-watering finish of toasted vanilla, coffee, and creamy milk chocolate or Toasted Pecan, toasted coconut, red dried fruits, vanilla, and caramel on the nose, warm honey, candied pecans with baking spices and apples, and hints of almond and baked apples with a semi-dry finish.

Quantity Unknown
ABC ID 19564
Category Bourbon
MSRP $74.99
Proof 111.00
Last Seen Sept. 6, 2023, 1 p.m.
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Makers Mark Private Select Barrel
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