Whistlepig The Boss Hog X - The Commandments


In the beginning, there were five promises, to be Single Barrel, Bottled at Proof, Powerfully Complex, Distinctly unique from anything we've done before, and stupendous. The Boss Hog X: The Commandments transcends tradition with a double finish inspired by our own land of milk and honey. Experimental whey spirit infused with aromatic resins from Egypt. Craft, aged mead barrels. Notes of creme brulee, lemongrass and rosemary with hints of red berries and freshly crushed black pepper. The promises become a decalogue to shape the future of the Boss Hog!

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ABC ID 15183
Category Rye
MSRP $599.99
Proof 106.40
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Whistlepig The Boss Hog X - The Commandments
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