Mister Sam Tribute Whiskey


The mighty Sam Bronfman, Seagram’s first master blender, revolutionized the art of blending as he built his Seagram Company into a massive spirits empire. Sazerac’s Master Blender, Drew Mayville, comes from this Seagram master blender lineage, his mentor having worked directly with Sam Bronfman. Mayville created this perfect blend of Sazerac’s finest Canadian and American whiskeys, named in honor of Samuel Bronfman, through experimentation and precision.

Quantity Unknown
ABC ID 11074
Category Canadian
MSRP $249.99
Proof 122.00
Last Seen Feb. 16, 2022, noon
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Per VA ABC changes on 20 April 2022, this product is part of ABC's Limited Availability random release program. While inventory may occassionally show here, it is not available for sale until ABC gives a store the go ahead to sell their allocated products.

Mister Sam Tribute Whiskey
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