About VAB

How the Site Works

VAB was born out of the idea to increase the visibility and access to one of America's finest drinks, whiskey, at VA ABC stores. With delivery trucks rolling in weekly it can be tough to know when new products are hitting the ABC shelves outside of checking individual product pages on the ABC website regularly or lining up outside a local store before 10AM hoping to get lucky.


In order to solve this problem, VAB takes daily snapshots of the VA ABC's inventory for certain whiskey categories. These snapshots begin at 0845 EST, 0945 EST, and 1900 EST. The data tends to be live about 10 minutes after the snapshot begins. An important thing to note is that the morning snapshot will only show stores that have received and scanned in new inventory. Stores with later delivery trucks will not be in this data, but there is no guarantee they receive the same products either. Plan your shopping accordingly. Lastly, the best source for live inventory will always be the VA ABC website. Direct links are available on every product page.


Nothing glamourous about the store pages. Just an easy to peruse inventory interface on a store by store basis. Likely one of the most helpful features is going to be the delivery day field. Every Sunday the delivery day is updated to show when deliveries last arrived that week. While this is a fairly static field, delivery days are known to change around major holidays so please keep this fact in mind.

Keep the Site Running

All data is readily available on VA ABC's website for free. VAB simply seeks to display the data in a more digestable format, add a few key missing features, and display other interesting data points about the whiskey supply in Virginia. If you'd like to support the site, please visit the VAB Patreon. This is by no means necessary and any data available from ABC will always be accessible for free to every VAB user. Active Patreon subscribers have access to an ad free experience, product analytics, customized user profiles with the ability to favorite products and stores, and daily morning email digest depending on subscription tier.

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